A Positive Response

First I want to thank everyone who has downloaded the game thus far. So thank you! It's only been a few days but the response has been absolutely great!  Downloads have been increasing everyday and this has motivated me to produce more and more. I'm working towards an update in the next week or so that will give a better understanding of the game progression I would like to have.

Just a quick rundown of the next update:

-Progression system: For all your bronze/silver/gold/prime ribs you collect, you'll be able to trade them in for steaks. Steaks can be used to unlock weapons and levels.

-Enemy Behavior: This has been updated to be more "fluid", kind of hard to notice right now.  But with future updates the enemies will target you in a slightly different way. Can't really give too much away about this one ;)

-Sound Fixes: Sound level's can be adjusted correctly now.

-Weapon Mods: Weapons will now have a small chance to come with a mod. Such as an extended mag or sights.

-Grenades: Yup you'll be able to easily make those meat chunks!

-Announcer: Think Unreal Tournament.

-and more...

Thanks again to everyone who has played! And a special thanks to WhackyCast for being the first to review the game! If you want to check out some gameplay footage, check his video out!

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