Going Live!

So today is the day! After two months of hard work, the demo of How to Meat People is out.

Wanted to take the time to talk a little bit about the game and about Vertnacular.

About the game:

How to Meat People is about being an introvert. You avoid conversations by blasting your way out. The player has to make the choice to bunker down or keep moving. As of the release of the demo, there are 4 weapons: the shotgun, modern handgun, submachine gun, and throwing star. The first level is a backyard BBQ with three houses and a canal. The player is forced to circle the level if they run out of ammo.

In future releases of the game there will be more weapons (such as crossbows, grenades, and more guns) and more social event based levels. Also a feature to reduce anxiety/damage by petting a randomly spawned dog or drinking. The drinking feature will build up a tolerance each time the player uses it and reduces the overall effectiveness.

About Vertnacular:

Vertnacular is a one man team at the moment (okay no more talking in the 3rd person). My background is in VFX for commercials and I translated that skill into my love of game design. All code, modeling, and sound are done by me. Vertnacular is my project and company that I hope to grow to involve more talented artists and programmers to make some really fun games.

Well there we have it. Play the game, let me know what you think!

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