New look, New things

So I've been keeping busy lately. First things first, you'll notice the itch page has updated. This is to reflect the Steam store page that is currently under development. On that topic, How To Meat People will be available on steam!

Next I want to talk about the look of the game. I changed how the characters and weapons look. I've given everything a toon shader to make them stand out from the level. Tell me what you thinks.

So as far as programming goes, the game is 99% done. There's a few bugs and tweaks that I still need to do but for the most part, everything is done. Next up is mostly content, so basically just new levels.

So with that all said, if everything goes without a hitch we could be seeing the release of How To Meat People next month! *knock on wood*

So stay tuned for the final demo update that will reflect the final product!


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Loving all of the progress!! I can't wait to play this again when it comes out in full! I'm really looking forward to the challenges! Keep up the good work!

Hey thanks! The new demo is out with 2 challenges and more features!