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Avoid engaging in small talk by blasting your way out of a conversation. Survive as long as possible and develop your introverted skills in this meat-themed shooter.


-Can be played with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or standard keyboard and mouse!

-Over 20 weapons and items

-6 Meat mashing levels

-Gain the ranks of Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Prime Rib!

-Life-size meat people! (In VR)

Standard Controls:

WASD - Movement

Q -Left hand pickup/drop

E -Right hand pickup/drop

Left/Right Mouse Button - Fire weapon in corresponding hand


The current demo v3 represents HTMP in an earlier development stage. Many of the mechanics and gameplay are different in the full version. While it represents the game's core concept, it does not represent the quality of the full release.

Download demo

HowToMeatPeople (DEMO V3) 164 MB

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could you add dk1 support?

Hi! Apologies but there are no plans to add any additional headsets in the near future.  But thank you for the interest in the game!


So glad to see the improvements of this game!! The new meats are awesome I think they each add something different, i'm not sure what one I like the most haha. Adding in more drops and lowering the bronze was great I actually managed to get a few of them! I still have no idea how anyone will get 400 kills but I want to see the play through when someone does lol. I really wish there were more areas to shoot the meats in, the screen shots got me super excited cause it looks like an alleyway and a kitchen, but we were still in the backyard (not that it's a bad little map). I would really love to see some form of healing also added to the game, it doesn't even have to be something like if you're not being hit you're healing, maybe it could be a drop like the guns or maybe you eat one of the dead meats, I don't know, but I feel like the higher scores would be much more manageable if there was some way to gain health back (especially when the gun runs out of ammo and you're running around tossing batteries in the mystery machine) The only other issue I had was the batteries are just still such a pain in the ass to get in! The wood did help a few times, but for the  most part the batteries bounced out or went over, I did find that being farther away from the  battery machine and throwing them in helped a ton! I do like the new added weapons and the system you have for unlocking things (such as the star and grenade). I really enjoyed the challenge modes and would love to see more of them in the future. This game is super fun and addictive, I want to play constantly outside of recording and I can't wait to see what else you add in to make this game even better!! (Still waiting for those cardboard cut outs ;))

Hey there again! It really make me happy to see someone getting so much enjoyment out of this game! So first things first, after several hours of play testing , I've balance a lot of progression with the steaks. I've increased the bronze level to give 10 steaks and lowered the threshold for the prime rib to 300 among other things. So as you unlock better weapons. you should be able to reach that level... hopefully.  As of the writing of this, I completed the 6 levels for the initial release. There will be more in the future but I don't want to give everything away in the demo. As far as regaining health, try unlocking the "Cheap Stuff". Just be careful, too much of the "sauce" and you might become tolerant! Last thing, when putting the batteries in the chargers, try using your corresponding left or right mouse click. It should automatically add it to the charger if you're close enough. And thanks again for check the game out!

perfect! I'll totally check that out and look forward to seeing the completed game! <3

Well, this was different. I like the idea of this so far, with the shooting food people with the motivation of just trying to be alone for a bit. That's relatable among many gamers.

I will say, however, that it definitely needs some tweaking. I found it way too hard trying to get the batteries into the machine. And when you finally get a gun it just eats through ammo in the blink of an eye.  Maybe set it so the use key just clicks the battery into the machine so you're not struggling while being swarmed. Also, for a gun game, I felt like I was moving at a snail's pace for most of it, even if enemy speed was kept relative to it. Still, overall, this is looking good and I like what you have going on. Keep up the good work.

Hey thanks for the review! I absolutely agree that it may be a bit difficult in beginning of the round. I guess I got used to it after play testing so much! With the new version, I added a system that will guarantee an item drop every other kill. That guarantee becomes every x + 1 after a certain amount of kills, and so on and so on. If luck is on your side and if you increase the spawn rate in the new unlock menu, you could be seeing an item drop every kill! I really do like the idea of maybe  using the mouse  to just auto insert the battery,  that would make a lot more sense. As of the new version I added a funnel made of wood to help it get in. I'll look into making the character a bit faster, but I want to keep it similar the pace with the vr locomotion system. Thanks again for the support! I'm glad you liked it!

I guess the speed thing makes sense with the VR support. I don't know much about programming, so I wouldn't know if it's possible to have different speeds for different controls. Glad you liked the idea about clicking batteries in though. That'll probably help a LOT. Will there be other meat people over time or just sassages?

Oh there will be steak bros, portly drum sticks, grumpy hamburgers, and many more. They'll all have their own personalities. Also every 100 or so kills an extrovert will appear with a bit more health and speed.

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This game was so simple, but so FUN!! I absolutely suck at it, but I still enjoyed playing it, I even continued playing it after recording. Some things I would like to see happen with the game are more things to interact with, (I was really hoping we could do something with the grill because LETS COOK THEM!! I also think it would be really cool if we could set up traps or just use environmentals more... but maybe I could and I just didn't find it or do the right thing?) Other than that it's real small stuff, I wish when we ran, we ran a bit faster, and I wish there was a section that I could look at for the controls rather than figuring them out for myself or coming all the way back to Itch.io to read them, and lastly, GIVE ME MORE BULLETS!!! I had the idea of maybe the hot dogs just dropping bullets or something when you kill them, or maybe you could do something else with the dispenser machine, i'm not sure. I always felt like I ran out of bullets within the first minute of picking it up!! I do really like the weapons and I can not wait to see what else you add. I can not wait to see what kind of challenges you'll be adding, and I read your update about petting the dog that pops in and I LOVE IT!! This game was great and I could not stop smiling! And once there's more added with challenges and future updates I definitely want to come back to this game and check out the improvements you've made, I look forward to it! 

Hey thanks for the review! Much appreciated! After seeing how people interacted with the game, I had a better understanding of what needs to be explained. So in future updates there will be a tutorial level to better describe controls for both VR and Standard, as well as some of the mechanics. Also seeing how many times people went without a weapon, I tweaked the spawning system to guarantee an item drop early in the level. But as you rack up more kills the standard spawning rates apply and thus making the prime rib just as elusive. Expect to see new weapons such as: crossbows with bbq skewers bolts, heavy machine guns, flamethrowers, and diversionary cardboard cutouts to distract the meat people. Thanks again for the review! And happy meating people!

Oooohhh I can't wait to try those out and the cardboard cut outs sound AWESOME!!!  :D

Hi, I really want to play this game, but I can't download it, either in browser or through the app

Hey, so it seems to be a technical issue. I was experiencing the same problem when I tried. I contacted itch support. Hopefully we can have you blasting hot dog people asap! Thank you for your interest and I'll let you know when the game is back up.

So everything seems to be back in order and the download link is up. Enjoy!

Hey really liked this game! There is something really satisfying about blowing apart sausage people, especially in VR! Great sense of comedy too. Can't wait to see what more Vertnacular will do with this. Especially want more weapons to kill those wieners!

Hey thanks! Your prayers have been answered in the next update! Check out the recent devlog for more info.